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Artist: Bob Zasadny

Artist: Bob Zasadny

Current Featured Artist: Bob Zasadny is a local abstract sculpture.

“Bob Zasadny was born in Chicago in 1939 and was raised in Oak Park, Illinois. His only formal art training was in high school. He learned the fiberglass fabrication trade in the early 1960’s and, at about the same time, discovered rigid polyurethane foam. As a spare time hobby, he carved the foam into free form shapes and covered them with fiberglass. He then experimented with various surface treatments. Some of those early pieces were sold and still exist today.

About 20 years passed before he was able to renew his production of additional pieces, and again, some were sold. In 2005, his interest in creating sculptures was stimulated by entering several pieces in a competition at the Evansville Art Museum. That year, he was also asked to demonstrate his work to the sculpture students at Oakland City University in Indiana. A sculpture was aquired by the University of Indiana in 2012. He was given his first one-man show there at the Dunn Gallery. He also presented a one-man show at Wabash Valley College in Mt.Carmel, Illinois, and has showed at various locations in Evansville. He also made a sculpture for the Brubeck Center at Wabash Valley College in Mt. Carmel, IL and a hummingbird for the Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY.

On the Oakland City University campus, Bob was commissioned to make a large 9 1/2 foot tall sculpture for the Cornwell Reed Art Building, and he also received a commission to make a sculpture for the sculpture garden at Princeton Community High School in Princeton, Indiana. He is now looking forward to more shows and commissions in the near future. He was featured in the March 2007 issue of Evansville Living Magazine and has had several pictures of his work in the local newspapers. He is a member of the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana and various local art organizations.”

Statement taken from his website. Click to see more of his great works: